ONE Of The Most Popular Hadware Shop Online In Singapore Is HardwareCity

Most Flexible Hardware Shop Online

Address2 undertaking Dr, Singapore 608526

Phone+65 6266 0802

Beginning hours on to Fri: 8:30 am - 6 pm

Sat: 8:30am - 1pm

Sun: Closed

Website :

Email :

Properly hooked up over forty years ago, HardwareCity is one of Singapore's most trusted hardware providers. It has an extensive range of equipment and materials of various renowned manufacturers on provide. Besides physical (brick and mortar) shops, the company has a web store. You have the flexibility to reserve needed devices through their internet site if you realize precisely what and how much you need.

WHAT people LIKE

A wide variety of featured brands: numerous manufacturers' merchandise have located their way to HardwareCity's cabinets. If you need to preserve the heat away even as operating, try Caterpillar's oscillating ground fan. To ease the floor before placing the fan, buy Weiman's tile and stone cleaner. To put off the rust, shopping for a WD-forty spray is always a manner to go.

Knowledgeable and pleasant staff: Salespeople running in HardwareCity's stores are pretty drawing close and capable. Suppose you don't entirely manipulate at the same time as getting around in their shop. In that case, they're usually happy to assist you. Whether you want a bit of data on the assortment or some recommendation, sense free to invite them.

Warranty against malfunctions and manufacturing defects: This authentic enterprise presents its customers with a guarantee for manufacturing faults and faulty substances. If you locate that the bought object is defective in any way inside per week following the purchase, the assurance will cover the damage, except its miles a result of unsuitable coping with or any coincidence.


Services and products ON provide:

Would you mind talking to their legitimate internet site for a top-level view of HardwareCity's several products and services?


Expenses range from one product to some other. Please refer to the ones on the company's internet site.


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